Case Filing Fees

New Court Case Filing Fees went into effect on July 1st 2020

Circuit Court Filing Fees Fee Fee with Service by Sheriff
Civil Cases (Includes Adoptions) $157.00 $185.00
Mortgage Foreclosures $157.00 $185.00
Juvenile Cases (Includes Paternity) $176.00** $204.00**
Probate Cases  (Includes Guardianships and PL - Contested Estate Matter) $177.00 $205.00


Superior Court Filing Fees Fee Fee with Service by Sheriff
 Small Claims Case (paper) $97.00  $125.00
Small Claims Case (e-filed) $87.00 $115.00
Civil Cases $157.00 $185.00
Criminal Cases $185.00** $213.00**


* The $10 Civil Service Fee (Small Claims Cases) and Additional Defendant fee (Civil Cases) and $10 Garnishee Defendant Fee is eliminated on all e-filed Small Claims and Civil cases.

** Additional fees may apply as determined by the judge, the charge, and the outcome of the case. 

Sheriff Service of Process Fee increased from $25 to $28 per case.  In addition, there will be one additional Service of Process Fee of $28 per case for any post-judgment service. This fee MAY be paid to the Clerk.

$50 Mortgage Foreclosure Counseling and Education Fee expired June 30, 2017.

These fees and changes become effective on July 1, 2020.  There was no increase or decrease from 2019 fees.